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"What is your filming style like?"

"Do your wedding films include live audio?"

"May one personalise a film package based on one's needs?"

"May I choose music for my wedding film?"

"Are you comfortable working with our photographer?"

"What do you mean by continuous coverage?"

"Can we keep all raw footage shot during our wedding day?"

"Would you be able to stay extra hours when needed?"

"Are you flexible in terms of number of payments?

"Are you able to travel to another country?"

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"What is your filming style like?"


We follow a cinematic
approach. Our full-length
films, which range
between 10 to 25 minutes
(Depending on your preferred
package), do follow a
chronological model, just
like many good movies do,
too; we enjoy building
storylines that reveal
themselves to their audiences
little by little, from start to
end. On the other hand,
our highlight films, they are
either chronological
or, may offer a more artistic
non-logical order, based on
our editors' creativity and also,
on how the original raw footage
feels like when put together
as a whole.

"Do your wedding films
include live audio?"


Yes, they do.
We capture it by means
of either a professional,
lightweight microphone,
which tends to be hidden
under the groom's shirt or
also, on occasions, it is directly
recorded into our high-end,
digital cinema cameras. Later
on, during post-production,
it is carefully mixed with
a music soundbed, in order
to conform a touching
sequence that may prove
moving enough to watch
over and over again during
the course of a couple's
lifetime together.

"May one personalise a
film package based on
one's needs?"


Yes, with pleasure, you are
much welcome to request
a more personalised
film package based on
specific needs.

For an even faster service
on our part, please feel free
at all times to chat with us:
+00 / +011 (506) 6215-7837
(WhatsApp) kiinuweddingfilms
(Skype/Messenger/Google Meet)

"May I choose music for
my wedding film?"


Yes, you may; in fact,
since our full-length short
films are meant for private
use only in the comfort of
your home, we recommend
sharing with us a Spotify or
YouTube Music list of your
own make. This allows us to
have a better understanding
of your own tastes in music,
when putting together both
your wedding film's soundtrack
and, when selecting high-quality,
professional licenced music for
the highlight version of it.

"Are you comfortable working
with our photographer?"


Yes, we certainly tend to put
our best feet forwards when
working "literally" side by side
with our fellow photography
professionals. Actually, we love
joining forces (Whenever
possible), towards building
a mutual collaboration;
thus, we seldom get to
block one another when
moving about as discretely
as we possibly can.

"What do you mean by
continuous coverage?"


Continuous coverage
during filming refers to
the kind of recording
performed by our
cinematographers. Our
cinematography service on
wedding day starts at a
certain time and ought to
end at another one --such
schedule is filled out by our
clients themselves on an
Agreement of mutual
consent. Thus, the only
pauses we tend to concede
ourselves are when breaking
for a meal (once the new
spouses have just sat down
to eat their own) or, when in
need to use the WC.  :1

"Can we keep all raw footage
shot during wedding day?"


Yes, you may certainly do
so. Actually, two out of our
three most offered Wedding
Film Packages do include
already such feature. When
choosing our Silver bundle,
you may always request it
though for an addtional small
fee (In order to cover
in-editing-studio transfers
from our hard drives on to yours).

"Would you be able to stay
extra time when needed?"


Yes, we certainly can,
even when asked so on
location. Our filming service
always grants customers
the benefit of some additional
30 minutes of coverage
past our expected wrapping
up time. May you like us to
stay even longer, each
package allows coverage
extension by one more hour,
which may be paid right on
site in cash or, the day after
via some other agreed
payment method.

"Are you flexible in terms of
number of payments?


Yes, we are. Our Agreements
normally feature the possibility
to make one or two payments;
still, please feel free to request
a couple more --we certainly
understand how every couple's
budget may differ from others.

"Would you be able to
travel & film us abroad?"


At present and, taking into
account any given monthly
COVID-19 restrictions in each
country, we are able to provide
service in most European
nations, as well as in the
North and South of the
continent American --in
addition to Costa Rica,
(our homeland).


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